Q: Is Greener Shingles safe?

A: Greener Shingles is made with 91% bio based natural food grade oils. It is safe around pets, plants and people. It is easily washed off with water.  

Q: What temperatures are required to put this on my roof?

A: Typically we suggest the temperature be at least 39-41 degrees or 4 to 5 degrees above freezing and rising with no rain in the forecast for 45 minutes.

Q: Does this help with moss and algae growing on my roof?

A: Yes, we suggest cleaning the roof first, than spraying Greener Shingles. Any moss or algae left will be smothered and killed. Check out the before and after pictures in the gallery. 

Q: Does Greener Shingles change the color of the shingles?

A: Yes, the color will darken, similar to what it was when new. Within a month or two it will start to lighten up as the surface oil starts to oxidize off and within a couple years it will be back closer to the color of the shingles the day the roof was sprayed. 

Q: How does Greener Shingles compare to roof sealants and other similar treatments?

A: Sealants coat the shingle and can limit future damage. Greener Shingles penetrates the shingle to repair existing damage and protects from future damage to your roof.  There are very few similar treatments and none that provide the concentration of oils that best protect your shingles.  

Q: What does the warranty cover?

A: The warranty covers the effectiveness of the shingle treatment for 5 years, including shingle flexibility and durability. It does not cover other roof issues including shingle loss, leaks and damage not related to shingle restoration. The warranty is limited to the cost of the service, and typically involves re-spray to resolve application issues.

Q: How do I know if my roof is a good candidate for Greener Shingles?

A: The main indicator is the age of the roof, generally 10 years or older. Loss of granular as evidenced in these showing up in gutters is an important indicator. Uneven coloration of the roof can be an indicator of oil loss or algae growth which can be addressed with treatment. Also, shingles that test as "unrepairable" (using a bending test that causes a crease) can be restored and made repairable and safe for repair work. 


Q: A roofer told me that this is "snake oil" and that sealants should not be sprayed on shingles. True?

A: Greener Shingles is an innovative formulation of an asphalt pavement conditioner used in the US and Canada for over 15 years. It has been laboratory proven to extend the life of shingles and is warranted for 5 years. It is not a sealant, which we do not recommend applying to asphalt shingles.