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Protect the Roof that Protects Your Home

...with a bio-based spray treatment guaranteed to extend the life of your roof by 5 to 15+ years!





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Asphalt roof shingles usually start showing signs of aging after five to ten years in southwest Florida.
The shingle loses flexibility and its granular coating starts washing into the gutters as the essential oils dry up over time, losing the ability to hold the granular in place.

MI Roof Renewal LLC is the exclusive local provider of Greener Shingle's American-made bio-based product, developed, manufactured and tested in the USA and proven to improve flexibility, durability, and to have a 86% better granular adhesion on treated shingles versus untreated.

Greener Shingles rejuvenation system waterproofs the surface, suffocates moss, increases shingle flexibility, helps keep granular in place, and improves fire resistance, making the shingles last longer, keeping them out of landfills and on your roof where they belong.

1. Roof Inspection and setup

2. Application takes about an hour

3. Longer Lasting Shingles, improved granular adhesion and flexibility.





Soy bean oil based rejuvenators have been used to rejuvenate asphalt parking lots and roadways for the past fifteen years, making it the number one asphalt rejuvenator in the USA. Greener Shingles has adapted that same rejuvenator to extend the life span of asphalt shingles.

Greener Shingles is a powerful, scientifically formulated treatment that's derived from soybean oil. This plant-based oil quickly penetrates deep into brittle asphalt roofing shingles. The powerful all-natural formulation quickly restores your roof's flexibility and waterproofing protection, while also reducing the loss of the shingle's protective top granule coating.

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Asphalt roofs usually start showing some signs of aging after five to ten years depending on region and environmental conditions. The shingle’s granular coating start washing into the gutters as the essential oils dry up losing the ability to hold the granular in place.

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Did you know that nearly 11 million tons of asphalt shingles make their way into landfills every year? The average roof replacement creates over two tons of waste!

Shingle rejuvenation extends the life of asphalt shingles, keeping shingles on roofs and out of the landfills.